Investing in the education of children is now easier with scholarships from Step Up For Students and McKay.  Whether you are a current student or a parent looking for a successful education environment for your child, Destiny Leadership Academy will put you and your children on the right track.   

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DLA currently accepts (3) scholarships to aid the investment needed to cover the cost of educating students.  We accept the following:

(FTC) Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

(PLSA) Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts

(FC) Foster Care Scholarships


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StepUp For StudentsStepUp For Students                 John McKay ScholarshipJohn McKay Scholarship


DLA Tuition and Fee Schedule

REGISTRATION FEE --    $100.00 

This fee is non-refunable



CURRICULUM FEE --    $350.00

This fee is payable annually for each student enrolled, and covers curriculum, consumables, textbook and computer use.

This fee is non-refunable. New students must pay this fee prior to enrollment. Returning students must pay the curriculum fee

by June 20th to hold a place in the next grade. Returning families must have a zero balance by June 30th to be eligible to return

for the following year.



TEST FEE --  $75.00





                                              YEARLY                            10 MOS

K  8th Grade                       $4,300.00                       $430.00



Uniforms:  DLA dress is Polo shirts and black/blue/ khaki Pants or shorts (Girls: Pants, Shorts, or skorts or skirts)

DLA Embroidery Polos are $20 each

Tuition Discount for additional children:  2nd child = 10%, each added child = 15%. (Discounts apply to tuition only)


SCHOLARSHIPS - If you have/or are applying for AAA, Step Up For Students, and McKay, you must let the Financial Administrator know at the time you apply.





* Tuition is paid in advance. Monthly payments are due the 5th of the month from August-May(10 equal monthly payments).

* Payments received after the 5th of the month are subject to a late charge of $10, which will be added to the account balance.

   Accounts more than two months past due will result in a withdrawal of student and assignment of a new student from waiting list.

* Returned check fee is $30.00

*If a student leaves the school for any reason after classes have begun, the parents are responsible for paying the full tuition for that month.  Student records will not be released until any outstanding balance is paid in full.